About Us


With a sound back ground in business and investment from our Board of Directors and after several years of research and development, the HI Group Investment & Management, LLC has opened a Belize subsidiary company namely the HI Group Marketing & Consultants, LTD for the purpose to focus on offering property sales in and outside of Bermuda.  The HI Group Marketing & Consultants, LTD (a Belize company) is offering to anyone who is looking for Alternative Investments with great returns, as well as, Retirement ground breaking Developments at affordable prices.  

Our goal is to seek additional sales consultants in Barbados, US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America for our Belize projects.


HI Group of Companies, LLC is devoted and committed to the concept of sustainability through products, services and education. Our Companies have demonstrated this commitment for more than two decades, and has played a vanguard role in providing solutions and preventive measures for the relief of asthma and allergy worldwide. The company has established a dominant presence in Bermuda and throughout the Caribbean, with special relationships in Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, St. Kitts, and other member islands. To date HI Group of Companies, LLC continues to be in the vanguard of promoting the Green Concept, and the treatment/prevention of asthma and allergy. Our people are recognized professionals, who understand sustainability and make significant contributions in the process doing business worldwide.



HI Group of Companies, LLC grew out of the vision of Charles Leon O’Brien Sr. and Jenefer Brimmer, who started with the incorporation of Thermax Bermuda Limited in 1991. As the Company diversified its environmentally friendly cleaning products and obtained key distributorships, operations were expanded. Approximately two (2) years after Thermax Bermuda Limited became established; in 1993 the Bermuda Asthma & Allergy Relief Center opened its doors on Court Street in Hamilton, Bermuda. Subsequent both operations moved to an improved commercial location on Dundonald Street, Hamilton. The reputation and success of the Companies grew exponentially with the personal development of the key individuals and the success in increasing the awareness of consumers as it relates to asthma & allergy and/or green sustainability.


We were the first …

  • HI Group of Companies, LLC was the first organization in the Caribbean to offer Asthma & Allergy relief products. The Company secured distributorships with companies that were leaders in product lines that had international brand-recognition.
  • HI Group of Companies, LLC was the first organization IN THE WORLD to introduce The Asthma & Allergy- Free Room Concept for Hotels and Residential Homes.
  • HI Group of Companies, LLC was the FIRST IN THE WORLD to establish an Asthma & Allergy Relief Center.
  • HI Group of Companies, LLC was the FIRST IN THE WORLD to establish an ALLERGY-FREE SCHOOL Concept.

We also offered the best…

  • HI Group of Companies, LLC through its Subsidiaries offer the WIDEST SELECTION OF ASTHMA & ALLERGY RELIEF PRODUCTS in the Caribbean and South America.
  • Household name products/manufactures include Thermax Allergy Vacuum Cleaners; Nature Clean Products; Water Chef Water Filters; Nilfisk HEPA Vacuum Cleaners, Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizers- Soapopular; the world’s leading brands of asthma and allergy devices…nebulizers, air purifiers, asthma spacers; Peak Flow Meters;  including  Dust mite-proof- Hypo-Allergenic bedding and pillows.