12 Acre Estates in Sugarloaf Uruguay


Tax Haven: For many years Uruguay has been quietly providing a haven for companies and individuals to operate under the radar, in terms of privacy. Uruguay only taxes income generated inside Uruguay, and assets located inside the country.
Second Passport: The process of gaining residency in Uruguay is relatively simple, and often a primary reason for people to choose to move to Uruguay, over other destinations. It’ll take about six to 10 months to gain residency, and three to five years to obtain citizenship and a Uruguayan passport. The key benefit of having a Uruguayan passport is that it allows for visa-free travel to all of Latin America and several European countries.
Investment Grade: Uruguay has been granted the qualification of “investment grade” as given by recognized companies, such as the American Duff & Phelps and British IBCA.
Pro Business: Uruguay offers favorable laws for foreign investment and a superb business environment.

Offshore Banking: Uruguay has a solid, established banking system. Strict banking secrecy laws are in place‒banks cannot share information with any party, including the government of Uruguay, or the government of any country for that matter.

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