Beautiful Lot for sale $25,000 US in Long Island, Bahamas!


Gorgeous lot in Stella Maris!

Easy Access to the beach and a pool in the Stella Maris Resort

Close to the Airport

A width of 90 feet by a depth of 130 feet, comprising flat 11,700 sq. ft, rectangular in shape

Access to the property by a paved road.

Water, electricity and sewage disposal available


Bahamas lot


Information about Stella Maris

Stella Maris is situated near the northern end of Long Island 148 nautical miles south-

east of New Providence. It is a 3000 acre subdivision which was developed in the early 1960s by German interests. In its earlier years development was at a fairly rapid pace particularly up to the latter part of the 1970s. At this time there was a heavy influx of German capital but mostly in the purchase of vacant land. In the early 1980s the introduction of the Immovable Property Act (which required non-Bahamians to receive permission to buy land in the Bahamas) virtually eliminated the real estate market at Stella Maris. Today there has been a modest turnover of vacant land in the subdivision and a subsequent increase in prices.
Stella Maris has its own 5000’ airstrip (which has recently been resurfaced), marina and with its accommodation of bungalows, villas, apartments and rooms can accommodate 150 persons. It has a Fixed Base Operation at the airport and aviation fuel is available. It is a port of entry. There is a small shopping centre and an electrical plant which provides standby electricity to a limited area of the subdivision. The Government has supplied power and telephone services to most of the developed sections of Stella Maris. Water is also available to a limited section.
Stella Maris has about 120 privately owned houses or apartments. All of the remaining previously unsold lots have recently been purchased by a foreign developer. It is understood that lots will be sold either as is or as a package with completed residences on them. Other improvements will be made throughout the Subdivision. It is expected that an overall price increase will take place in the near future, with the large re-development of Stella Maris that is planned.


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