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We continue to receive some of the same questions from our visitors coming to Grand Turk. We feel that the below Frequently Asked Questions section will assist you  regarding information about your visit to the cruise center and Grand Turk.  If you feel your question has not been answered below, please send us an e-mail at info@grandturkcc.com and we will respond within 48 hours.

Q: What are the prices of the shore excursions listed on your web site and how do I book them?

A: All excursions listed on the GTCC web site are sold exclusively through the cruise lines who call here.           Visit the Shore Excursions section of your cruise lines web site for information on prices and to book excursions.  The excursions listed on this website are only a sampling of the excursions your cruise line may offer.
Q: I see that my cruise line is not offering some of the excursions you have posted on your web site.  Can I book these directly with you?

A: Unfortunately no. Excursions can only be booked through the cruise lines.
Q: Is there a place to rent a car for the day in Grand Turk?

A: A car rental store is located within the Grand Turk Cruise Center near the tour and taxi departure area. Driving is on the left and seat belts are mandatory.
Q: What is the cost to use the facilities at the Grand Turk Cruise Center (pool, beach, etc.)?

A: There is no charge to use the pool, beach and loungers. Snorkel Equipment, beach floats and shade “clam shells” can be rented at the Beach Rental Hut on the beach. Private air-conditioned pool cabanas are also available for rent through your cruise line.
Q: Do we need to bring our own beach towels from the ship or does the facility provide them for us.  If you do, is there a cost?

A: You will need to bring your own towels ashore with you.  The cruise lines would also be grateful if you would take them back on board.
Q: I see that we have a scheduled call to Grand Turk on my cruise itinerary, but I do not see it on your schedule?

A: Our schedule is based on the latest information we receive from the cruise lines, however, occasionally cruise lines will make changes to their original itinerary for operational reasons. Please inquire directly with your cruise line as to these changes.
Q: Where can I purchase Turks & Caicos Islands stamps?

A: TCI stamps are available at the Philatelic Bureau located within GTCC.
Q: Where can I obtain maps and additional tourist information?

A: The Turks & Caicos Tourist Board has a manned information kiosk located near the tour and taxi departure area.
Q: How much does it cost for a taxi to the different points of interest on Grand Turk?

A: Please refer to the section entitled Taxi Information on the Island Information page of this web site. The taxis in Grand Turk are not metered. Confirm your trip and price with your taxi driver before departing the port.
Q: Is there a bank near the cruise center?

A: There is a Scotiabank and ATM located at the entrance to the airport which is less than a mile from the cruise center. The U.S. dollar is used in the Turks & Caicos.
Q: Can I visit Providenciales during my visit to Grand Turk?

A: No, Providenciales or Provo as the locals call it, is approximately 70 miles from Grand Turk. The only way to reach Provo is by air and typically the cruise ship’s time in port and the airline schedules would not permit this trip.
Q: Can I buy a ticket for the FlowRider surfing maching or rent a pool cabana once we have arrived in Grand Turk?

A: Your ship’s shore excursion staff can sell tickets at the port or you can visit the FlowRider shop located next to the swimming pool to purchase a FlowRider ticket or rent a pool cabana. (space available)
Q: Where is the best shopping on Grand Turk?

A: Without a doubt the best shopping is located at the cruise center. In Cockburn Town one will find a few craft kiosks and general merchandise stores geared mainly to those who live on Grand Turk. (Small grocery stores, hardware store, gas stations, etc.)
Q: Can I walk into town?

A: Yes, however the walk is approximately 3 miles. Please be advised that it’s a very hot walk and there are no sidewalks.



The Grand Turk Cruise Center features a purpose-built, two-berth cruise ship pier. There are no restrictions on length. and the depth alongside is 33 feet / 10 meters (MLW).Tugs are not required nor are they available.

The pier is comprised of reinforced concrete and steel pile construction, formed by a main berthing span of 1,033 feet long with a dog-legged shore span of 400 feet. The pier is 40 feet wide and top of deck is 9.5 feet above MLW. The main berthing pier is 565 feet of workable surface for gangways and passenger access, and a continuation of three linked mooring dolphins of a further 468 feet — one every 156 feet. There are 100-ton mooring bollards on each side of the pier at 80-feet intervals with the outer end of the main pier having an extra set at 20-feet intervals. Fendering is of the flat-sided and cone-type designed to sit flush with the ship’s side. (See attached sketches for details.)

The approach is an extremely simple one. The ships should approach on a heading of approximately 122° T, which is the alignment of the pier. The ship will be in deep water (7,000 feet) until approaching the outer dolphin when the drop-off is crossed and the depth of water decreases immediately to 33 feet MLW, the controlling depth alongside the length of the pier. The maneuvering area off each berth is 385 feet parallel to the pier. There are two buoys marking the outer edge of the dredged berth area and two marker piles marking the inner corners of the dredged berth area. (See attached sketch for details.)

There is an additional Shore Excursion/tender pier 400 feet to the south of the main pier. The pier is 200 feet long with five feet of water alongside.

Agency and line handling information:

Grand Turk Cruise Center offers complete agency and line handling services at the port. Please contact the Port Agent at Agent@grandturkcc.com.


Approximate Distances from Grand Turk

Aruba 670
Barbados 890
Cozumel 1000
Freeport 665
Ft. Lauderdale 615
Grand Cayman 600
Half Moon Cay 350
Jacksonville 790
Key West 670
La Romana 390
Labadee 120
Miami 620
Montego Bay 620
Nassau 470
Ocho Rios 410
Port Canaveral 680
Princess Cay 380
San Jaun 350
St. Thomas 425
Tampa 954
(N.B. These are estimated distances only and will need to be confirmed before being used for navigation.)

The agency monitors VHF channel 16 from two hours before the scheduled arrival of a cruise ship at the port until one hour after the vessel’s departure.