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Ours is a quiet, natural, and harmonically developing part of Long Island, where soft tourism and vacation or retirement investments, complemented by some occasional, small, business endeavors, already form a very nice settlement …on the way to being an idyllic town. Here, we have Bahamas-land for sale, occasionally remarket homes for sale …and also invite additional business participation in suitable island schemes.
Stella Maris is a lovely and peaceful settlement of some hundred private residences, generously scattered across some 2000 acres of rolling coastline, nestled between the serene shores of the quiet Exuma Bank and the dramatic Atlantic Ocean. It is complete with its mid-sized Resort Club Hotel, Marina and International Airport, with all needed services, utilities and other amenities …from basic Shopping to Bank Service, complete Water Sports and Aviation to Tennis Club.

Long Island is certainly one of the most beautiful and contrasting of the Bahamas Out Islands, its four thousand inhabitants gracefully combining old-fashioned hospitality and relaxed lifestyle with the slowly and peacefully growing influx of more modern life.

A west-to-east 1,OOO acre Stella Maris land tract had been set aside for decades in expectation of a final ‘crowning’ development concept, always being expectant of the inclusion of heightened marine projects and that of the sport of golf. And indeed, a British development group has come forth – and has already been fully accepted by the Bahamian Government’s approval process to be adhered to for readying Bahamas-land for sale – to realize the “Port St. George”. A new inland marina, a canal, golf, and Atlantic-side residential concept, together with a shopping-service village, will connect Stella Maris with some of the demands of today’s leisure scene – while placing great emphasis on maintaining  what makes Out Island life so unique and enjoyable. “Port St. George” already operates its own website, under

If you are interested in purchasing any Stella Maris property, regardless whether in the ‘original’ or the “Port St. George” location, please contact us. For  “Port St. George”   we shall put you in touch with its appropriate representation;  our properties we handle ourselves, and we also routinely represent privately owned re-sale properties, lots as well as residences, some of which are displayed herein. We shall be glad to mail you our Bahamas-Long Island-Stella Maris Real Estate information kit on request.

It has never been easier for non-Bahamians to own Property in the Bahamas and for property owners to become Bahama Residents!

We hope that if the Stella Maris programs and listings warrant the reader’s continued interest, a visit to the island would, in due course, be the next appropriate step.

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