Sugar Loaf Ocean Club & Spa


For detailed information on the Sugar Loaf properties, visit this link: Sugar Loaf Ocean Club & Spa


Capital Growth: Sugar Loaf is only 20 minutes west of Punta del Este and other key locations. Prices are favorable and there is plenty of room for capital growth. Since the project began a couple of years ago, property in the area has gone up by 40%. As the project progresses, it is anticipated that prices will continue to rise sharply over the next several years. The earlier that you invest, the higher capital appreciation you can expect on the investment.
Rental Potential: Rental demand is extremely high. In fact there is a shortage of luxury accommodation in Uruguay during peak season (December – March).
Because Uruguay is safe, has a mild climate, and resorts like Sugar Loaf are offering year-round amenities like Japanese hot springs and a Spa & Wellness Center, the rental demand is rapidly increasing for all seasons from local, regional, and international tourists.
Offshore Banking: Uruguay has a solid, established banking system. Strict banking secrecy laws are in place‒banks cannot share information with any party, including the government of Uruguay, or the government of any country for that matter.

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