Waterview Properties for 27.5K USD Each in Corozal, Belize

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The Progresso Heights waterview properties are the most beautiful and unique in Belize. Situated on the beautiful Cocos Lagoon, two lots of 10,154 sq. ft. and 15,176.78 sq. ft. are waiting for you to build a house of your dreams!

These waterview properties are located within the popular Progresso Heights gated residential community in the Corozal district in Northern Belize.

LOT #1202:http://www.progressoheights.com/purchasing/group_13_and_14.htm

LOT #1265: http://www.progressoheights.com/purchasing/group_39.htm

Progresso Heights Master Plan: http://www.progressoheights.com/masterplan.htm 

Specifically, the property fronts onto Cocos Lagoon, which is 3 1/2 miles by river from Corozal Bay and the Caribbean Sea.

Also, as an owner within the community, a clubhouse and swimming pool is available together with a community pier and a variety of common green areas. Additionally, The community is surrounded by a rich diversity of eco-systems such as forests, rivers, lagoons, creeks, streams and savannas. The possibilities are limitless – Enjoy activities such as hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, caving, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, tubing and diving. The famous Mayan ruins of Lamanai, Altun Ha, Cuello, Cerros and Chau Hiix are located near the Colozal town.


Corozol, Belize lot for sale


Corozal Town

Corozal Town is just a few miles to the north with Chetumal in Mexico being only a few miles further. The area boasts a rich Mayan heritage with ruins and artifacts still being discovered. Savannah covers the landscape, and sugar cane and livestock production are the economic mainstays. However, an emerging economy in Corozal is increasingly based on services and importing goods to the more than 200 outlets within the Duty-Free-Zone, located at the Mexican border. Additionally, the area is increasingly earning more income from real estate and tourism.

Get more info on Corozal Town here: http://www.belize-vacation.com/belize/corozal.htm


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More about the Progresso Heights

  • The community facilities have been constructed by Progresso Heights Limited and will be maintained by the developer until turned over to Progresso Heights Community Association Limited, the property owner’s association. As a parcel owner you will have the right in common with all other parcel owners to use such facilities.
  •  A clubhouse, community pier, boat ramp and volleyball court have been constructed within the community for parcel owner use.
  •  A gatehouse has been constructed at the main entrance of the community to ensure security
  •  A property owner’s association (Progresso Heights Community Association Limited) has been established for common property management and sensible deed regulations.
  • All-weather, compacted white marl roads have been constructed within Phase I and are 100% complete and approved by the Government of Belize.
  • Water service is now available to parcel owners within the community. Water will be supplied and billed by the Progresso Village Water Authority.*
  • Electric service is now available to parcel owners within the community. Electricity will be supplied and billed by Belize Electric Limited.*
  • Telephone service is now available to parcel owners within the community. Telephone service will be supplied and billed by Belize Telephone Limited.*
  • Each home built shall have an individual multi-stage septic tank
  • Please note, you are not required to build a home within a certain time frame or time limit. You may build whenever you wish.

* The fees related to the water, electric and telephone service will only be incurred upon the building of a home on your parcel, if and when you desire to build.

If you are interested in the lots, please contact me via email at caribbeanliving.email@gmail.com. Please note that 27.5K USD is strictly the price of each lot and other fees including transaction fees and taxes are not included. Information will be provided upon inquiry. Thanks for your time!

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