Why Belize

  • Belize is an English speaking island that’s a member of the British Commonwealth.
  • You can acquire to land and property in Belize.
  • Easy to get to from North America. For example, 2hrs from Houston or Miami
  • Retirement Programme for 45yrs+
  • Belize Residency Programme
  • No Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains Tax.
  • Good standard of living
  • Stable government.
  • Member of United Nations.
  • The fixed exchange rate is US$1 = BZ$2
  • Tropical climate
  • Belize has the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world with 185 miles of unspoiled coastline.
  • Virgin rainforest
  • Belize has a multi-cultural society
  • Good education system
  • N.A. electrical standard.
  • Portable water is available in Belize
  • Peaceful nation with friendly people
  • Beautiful scenery.

Belize Home Page

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